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Shimizu Rice


Our rice is grown in rich, terraced rice fields in Japan. It is cultivated from meticulously selected seeds by skilled agricultural experts to ensure the best taste and optimum freshness with a packaging method that maintains its quality. 

Plant Based Tonkotsu Broth


This delicious white broth is plant-based and contains no animal products in the ingredients. It is an incredibly versatile soup stock that can be enjoyed as a soup or used for countless dishes like Tonkotsu pork bone-style ramen, hot pot, and so much more.

All PurposeTai DashSoup Stock

Tai dashi soup

A versatile red snapper soup stock that serves as the base for countless washoku (Japanese cuisine) dishes or can be enjoyed on its own. This dashi allows for the full expression of savory umami in any cuisine and is made from the most nutritious ingredients sourced from certified agricultural producers.

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